Nordic Africa Research Network

What is NARN?

NARN is an abbreviation for Nordic Africa Research Network. 

The purpose of NARN is to promote research cooperation between Africanists in the Nordic countries

What is in it for you as a NARN member?

  • A multidisciplinary platform where you can further develop your research ideas, share knowledge, get new insights, engage others, enhance innovative research and achieve visibility through the word of
  • mouth publicity. This will be achieved through workshops, conferences, training sessions and lectures.
  • Access to a research database listing Nordic Africanists (being developed).
  • Links with relevant information on African research and developments.
  • A platform to publish informative articles.
  • Up-to-date information for work-related topics and access to people you will not be able to reach on your own.
  • For younger scholars, NARN gives you an opportunity to meet mentors through Scholar-Mentor-Scholar seminars.
  • Creating ambassadors who will tell about you and connect you with the right prospects.
  • The multidisciplinary nature of the NARN offers researchers a possibility to reach out to scholars in a variety of disciplines.